Trainer’s Business Growth Weekend

The Trainer’s Business Growth Weekend was the brainchild of Michael and Jamie Badial. The pair founded the Trainer’s Business Growth facebook group, a private community of like-minded dog trainers committed to achievement.

Hosted in a private Facebook group, Trainers Growth Group provides a safe environment for members to learn and grow their business. It wasn’t long before the pair began thinking about what it would be like to bring that same environment together offline, with a live event where dog trainers could spend time actually working on their goals together.

… And the idea for the Trainer’s Business Growth Weekend was born. 


Jamie Badial

Pet Business owner, CPDT-KA + Marketing expert

Co-owner and operator of Best Paw Forward in Chalfont, Penn., Jamie has been influential in growing the company into a highly profitable 6-figure business.

Jamie holds a bachelor’s of science in accounting along with an MBA in management — knowledge that has helped develop systems and processes to quickly grow their dog training business.

She and her husband Michael run the Facebook group “Marketing and Business for R+ Dog Pros,” which focuses on teaching other dog trainers how to price, package and sell their services to turn their love of dog training into a full-time sustainable career.  They also teach several workshops on business through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy’s Pet Professionals Program and provide group and individual support to other positive dog trainers through their consulting company, R Plus LLC.  To find out more about R Plus, visit www.growmydogbiz.com

Michael Badial

Pet Business owner, CPDT-KA

Originally from California, Michael learned a lot about dog behavior while working as a meter reader, which he applied to his work managing a 200+ dog kennel in Pennsylvania. While working there, Michael founded and operated a rescue focused on the training and safe rehoming of dogs with aggression, as well as started his career training dog owners.

In 2012, Michael and Jamie created Best Paw Forward to combine their individual efforts of bringing quality behavior training to pet dog owners in their area.

He and Jamie run the Facebook group “Marketing and Business for R+ Dog Pros,” which focuses on teaching other dog trainers how to price, package and sell their services to turn their love of dog training into a full-time sustainable career.  Through the FDSA PPP program and their company, R Plus LLC, Michael and Jamie help positive dog trainers grow their business and their impact. 

Melissa Breau

Marketing expert

Melissa has over 10 years experience with marketing specifically for the pet industry, and the last 5 years working with dog businesses specifically.

She is also the resident marketing geek at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy where she teaches classes on marketing and website building, hosts their weekly podcast, and runs the webinar and workshop programs.

Her primary job these days is designing logos and building websites for pet professionals — you can learn more about Melissa on her website: www.clickandrepeat.com.

Christina Schenk-Hargrove, Esq.

Attorney + CPDT-KA

Christina is an attorney living and practicing north of Boston, Massachusetts. She has considerable expertise in business litigation, small business formation, contracts, and employment law, among other things.

In addition, she is a nationally published author on legal issues facing pet-related businesses, having published articles in the APDT’s Chronicle and the IAABC Journal. She is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and dog sports competitor with an intense interest in learning theory as it applies to both dogs and people. Christina lives with her family, two dogs, birds, and a tortoise.

Her goal is to use her legal knowledge and her business experience in the dog training world to support animal professionals who use positive, science-based training and behavior modification methods.

Beth Ogasian

Owner, The Dog Trainers Assistant, CPDT-KA

Beth has a BS in Animal Sciences, and is a CPDT-KA. She is the owner of two businesses: The Dog Trainers Assistant, which offers virtual administrative support to other pet businesses, and Mountain Mutt Dog Training, her in-person dog training business.

Having worked in multiple sectors of the animal industry, including lab animal colony management and animal control with a focus on hoarding and cruelty investigations, she finally found her place in dog training and in helping other dog trainers thrive! She has a special interest in schedule management for living your best life with a good work-life balance, so if you need help finding your balance, she’s your person!

See us in action!

Imagine starting the year off right, heading into 2023 with a step-by-step plan you feel confident will let you pay your bills, with money left over so you can take time to train your own dog and maybe even fit in a vacation this year.

Imagine that as you work on that plan you had business experts there to help — offering advice and guiding you as you create a custom action plan for you and your business.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, this can be YOUR reality.

Join us for a full weekend designed for action… and make 2023 your best year yet.