A weekend workshop for purpose-driven dog trainers who want to TRANSFORM their business so they can reach more people and change more lives.

Our Mission:  To help dog trainers grow a thriving business with clear direction & goals.

Build a full time dog training business full of your ideal clients.  Work smarter, not harder to achieve the freedom of being a successful business owner. 


Trainer’s Business Growth Weekend

Imagine getting THREE months of work done in THREE days.

Imagine spending THREE days in a beautiful, clean home by the beach where you don’t have to worry about the dishes, the dogs, or returning client calls… and can focus on working ON your business as opposed to IN it.

Imagine doing that alongside a small group of dedicated dog trainers, all looking to build their business — with personalized help from industry experts! 

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, this can be YOUR reality by joing us for Trainer’s Business Growth Weekend.


We can’t tell you how many dog trainers we talk feel STUCK in taking their business that next step.


Maybe you’ve spent time in Facebook groups to learn how other trainers you admire run their business.  Or invested in courses and seminars that give you theories or examples but you aren’t sure how to make it work in your business?

You see other people growing their business, taking vacations, spending time with their families and doing fun things with their own dog but maybe you are just treading water and trying to keep afloat in your own business.

Maybe you’re so overwhelmed by your to-do list that you ignore it day after day.

We know you have a vision for you business that you want to turn into a reality but right now, it’s costing you.

It’s costing you free time with your family and friends.

It’s costing you energy and joy trying to juggle eight million things all at once.

And it’s costing you the happiness you deserve because you are too busy working for your business to figure out how to make it work fo you.

What does the weekend include?

*Note: Some session details may still be subject to change.

Thursday, January 9th


Arrival and Check-In // Dinner is available on arrival


Getting to know you: Staff & Attendee Intros


Dreaming is Not Doing: Who do you want to be as a dog trainer?

Friday, January 10th


Self-Serve Breakfast


Setting the Tone: An Introduction to the Day


10 Year Goals: Building Your Business for the Future 


In Pursuit of Financial Freedom: How Many Clients do you Really Need?


Is Your Current Marketing Working: How to Tell




Google Analytics: Is it all working?


The Power of Relationships: Social Media & Business Referrals


Cover Your Arse: Waivers, intake forms, contracts, & insurance


Building Your Programs: What services & packages should you offer? 






After Dinner: Program Discussion and Review

Saturday, January 11th


Self-Serve Breakfast


Setting the Tone: An Introduction to the Day


Tips for sales conversations: Scripts, Emotional Triggers, and Making the Ask


Working Smarter Not Harder by Leveraging Tech




The Down and Dirty Guide to SEO for Dog Trainers


Looking At Your Website: Making Decisions on Design, Copy, and More


Making the Hire: When to bring on employees & what to think about first


Staying this side of the Law: Legal Considerations of Employees






After Dinner: Attendee Website & Social Media Reviews

Sunday, January 12th


Self-Serve Breakfast


Setting the Tone: An Introduction to the Day


Money Matters: What should you do with your profits?


What to do when things go bad: Dispute resolution & handling problem clients




Don’t Burn Out: Scheduling and Time Management


Day to Day: Creating an Action Plan


Closing Discussion


OPTIONAL: 15-Min One-on-Ones with coaching team available (with addt’l fee)

This is for you if...


If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Feel like you’re in a rut — and ready to get out of it? This weekend workshop can help you (and your business numbers) get moving again.


If you've done your research but haven't taken action.

It’s easy to fall into a never-ended cycle of researching possible solutions… without ever implementing any of them. If this is you, don’t worry — join us for a weekend focused on taking ACTION.


You want to grow your business in 2020.

Whatever “growth” means to you — more clients, more impact, more sales. more profitable income, or more free time — we’ll be getting into the nitty gritty to help you get there.


If you're tired of feeling alone in business.

Being a Dogprenuer can be a lonely business. Join 10-15 supportive collegues for a weekend of learning and doing — where you can talk with people who actually ‘get’ your business.

It’s amazing how much can change in a year. Look at me now. Naming my schedule and taking vacations whenever I want.

Ok, time off when I want. Vacations are coming.

I had no idea that I was about to join this group and be asked the simplest, most life changing question (maybe a little dramatic, but it was a very pivotal moment): “Do you have a date for when you will stop dog walking and go full time with training?”

I honestly can’t remember if it was Jamie or Michael, but thank you both — and everyone else — for all the help in this group. I’m at the point where I can think of and use my business as a tool to help me achieve my goals (still working on what those golas are) instead of just creating a job for myself.

Jessica Greenleaf

Member Trainers Growth Group

I’m a former educator (I taught high school for 8 years and ran a cooking school for children for another 8). That said, I am usually a terrible student because I have very high standards for my teachers. But MELISSA WAS AMAZING! She was interesting, organized and kept things simple without dumbing them down. I am so happy that I took this class and that you spent time with me on FB to tell me what you had to offer. Thank you!!!


FDSA Pet Professionals Student

Christina Schenk-Hargrove has been incredibly helpful to our business. Responsive, thorough and very professional. She has answered all our questions with clarity and patience and offered valuable advice on topics that were new to us. We have been looking for years for legal help that is also familiar with the animal care/ dog training industry, and feel very fortunate to have finally found Christina!

Yana Carlson, Walk A Pup (Salem MA)

Private Client

On the fence?

Here’s what you need to know…

Who are the presenters at Trainers Business Growth Weekend?

JAMIE BADIAL | Pet Business owner, CPDT-KA + Marketing expert

Co-owner and operater of Best Paw Forward in Chalfont, Penn., Jamie has been influential in growing the company into a highly profitable 6-figure business.

Jamie holds a bachelor’s of science in accounting along with an MBA in management — knowledge that has helped develop systems and processes to quickly grow their dog training business.

She and her husband Michael run the facebook group “Marketing and Business for R+ Dog Pros,” which focuses on teaching other dog trainers how to price, package and sell their services to turn their love of dog training into a full-time sustainable career.

MICHAEL BADIAL | Pet Business owner, CPDT-KA

Originally from California, Michael learned a lot about dog behavior while working as a meter reader, which he applied to his work managing a 200+ dog kennel in Pennsylvania. While working there, Michael founded and operated a rescue focused on the training and safe rehoming of dogs with aggression, as well as started his career training dog owners.

In 2012, Michael and Jamie created Best Paw Forward to combine their individual efforts of bringing quality behavior training to pet dog owners in their area.

He and Jamie run the facebook group “Marketing and Business for R+ Dog Pros,” which focuses on teaching other dog trainers how to price, package and sell their services to turn their love of dog training into a full-time sustainable career.

MELISSA BREAU | Marketing expert

Melissa has over 10 years experience with marketing specifically for the pet industry, and the last 5 years working with dog businesses specifically.

She is also the resident marketing geek at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy where she teaches classes on marketing and website building, hosts their weekly podcast, and runs the webinar and workshop programs. In addition to her classes for FDSA, she offers several workshops for their sister school, the Pet Professionals Program.

Her primary job these days is designing logos and building websites for pet professionals — you can learn more about Melissa on her website:


Christina is an attorney at Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo LLP, in Boston, Mass., with considerable expertise in business litigation, small business formation, contracts, expert witness preparation, and estate planning and probate administration.

In addition, she is a nationally published author on legal issues facing pet-related businesses. She is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and dog sports competitor with an intense interest in learning theory as it applies to both dogs and people. Christina lives with her family, three dogs, and various other pets.

Her goal is to use her legal experience and her research and writing skills to support animal professionals who use positive, science-based training and behavior modification methods.

What does it cost?

The price depends on what level of ticket you choose to purchase. We’re offering 3 levels of ticekts for this event:

  • Workshop Only Tickets
  • All-Inclusive Tickets
  • All-Inclusive Tickets (+Private Room)

They are priced as follows:

  • Workshop Only Tickets – $950 (early bird $750 until Nov. 1)
  • All-Inclusive Tickets – $1150 (early bird $950 until Nov. 1)
  • All-Inclusive Tickets (+Private Room) – $1250 (early bird $1050 until Nov. 1)
What does my ticket include?

If you purchase workshop tickets, then your tickets include the weekend of presentations (from Thursday through Sunday) and breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day — then you can retire to accomodations of your choosing each night.

If you purchase all-inclusive tickets, then your tickets include the weekend of presentations (from Thursday through Sunday) and breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day and a shared room in the main house!

If you purchase all-inclusive tickets (+private room),then your tickets include the weekend of presentations (from Thursday through Sunday) and breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day and a private room in the main house!

All attendees will also receive a complimentary membership to Trainers’ Growth Group with Michael and Jamie Badial for continued support.

How many people will be there?

We’ve intentionally designed the weekend to be a small group to encourage engagement and maximize direct access to the presenters. In total we’re expecting between 10-15 professional dog trainers from across the US.

Do you offer a payment plan option?

We do not have this option available at this time.

I just started my business — is this right for me?

The short answer is maybe…

Starting your business is hard (we’ve been there too and man do we remember THAT). If you’re looking to set up your business the right way right from the start, joining us will set out best practices you can use. We’ll talk about process, pricing, legal business structure, marketing and more, all of which can help you get ahead!

That said, it is useful to have at least some experience — before joining us so you can get the most out of the weekend. You’ll want to have your website up and running, your social media profiles set up, and to have taken on at least a few clients.

We’ll be spending a good portion of the weekend working ON your business — and if there are a lot of decisions you haven’t made about your business yet (like what you plan to offer), then it may be hard to apply our advice in the moment.

Not sure if that’s you? Message us: We’ll be happy to chat about your busienss and help you decide if this weekend is right for you!

My business is up and running already. Am I going to have to recreate everything?

Of course not! During the weekend we’ll share best practices and ideas, and then help you take a hard look at your business.

If something you’re doing is working for you, there’s no reason to change; but we might be able to offer insights that will help you make it work even better

I still have a 9-5 job... is this right for me?

The short answer is YES! 

The longer answer… A lot of dog trainers start out doing it part-time and then gradually work to make the switch. We understand it can be scary to go out solo — and building up some clientele before making the jump can make it a lot more fesaible. 

During the Trainers Business Growth weekend we’ll cover a multitude of best practices you can use to be more efficient in the limited time you have to spend on your dog training business now — and help you set things up so that all the pieces are in place when you’re ready to go full time. 

How is this different from other dog trainer events out there?

We built this workshop but we don’t know of anything out there like it!  We wanted to create something that would support positive dog trainers and grow their business, impact and their bottom line.

During the workshop, we will provide knowledge and strategy to fit your business, right where you are, and them jump in to actually implementing.  You’ll leave the weekend with a plan for progress and supporters invested in your success. 

Can you guarantee my success?

As a positive dog trainer, we think you already know the answer 🙂  There are no guarantees with a workshop like this.  We can give you everything we have: strategy, workbooks, real life examples and skills but we can’t make you IMPLEMENT any of it.  If you do the work, you’ll get results. 

Who should NOT register for the Trainers Business Growth Weekend?

If you haven’t started your business at all yet, this weekend is probably not the best use of your time. We’ll expect that you have some materials to go through and work on in place — and that you’ll have worked with at least a few clients.

If you just want to TALK about improving your business but don’t want to take ACTION – this weekend probably isn’t for you. We’re carving out big chunks of each session to actually APPLY the advice we’re giving… right there, while you have us to ask questions and help you!

If you just want to go on vacation, this weekend probably isn’t for you. While we will probably do an (optional) sunrise walk on the beach, and are hosting it in a beautiful location… the focus of the weekend will be working on your business, rather than on relaxation.

Ready to Register?


January 9-12th, 2020

Corolla, North Carolina

Early Bird Registration opens Oct 1, 2019 and is available until Nov 1, 2019.

Regular registration runs Nov. 1, 2019 – Dec. 20, 2019.